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Want to Help?
We are looking for volunteers to work both here in the US and in Ethiopia. For more information about our volunteer program, please contact us at 720-275-0349.

Ways to Volunteer

  • Volunteer Locally In US
  • Member Support – Sponsor an elder or family for only $30
  • Volunteer for fund-raising events
  • Volunteer for mission trips to Ethiopia
  • Provide Professional Services
  • Donate Medical Items and Equipment
  • Home Site Visits (local)
  • Provide personal services such as haircuts

Build, Love, Restore: Help us establish the first elderly home care center for the homeless elderly in Ethiopia.

Donate Now!
The list below shows you how far your donation will go!

Our Wish List!

Essential Items Projected Amount in US $ Number of recipients
Food $30 50-100
Warm Socks $5 50-100
Head Scarf $5 75
Cloths for men & women $30 50-100
Towels $5 100
Pair of shoes $20 50-100
Blanket $10 50-100
Bed sheets $10 50-100
Pillow $10 100
Toiletries $10 50-100
Hair products $5 75
Bottle of Aspirin $10 100
First Aid items $10 100
Caregiver’s salary $150 2
Rent for shelter (home) $400/mo housing 10 elderly
Transportation $1,500 Vehicle

Their challenges are our opportunities.

Link: CD Baby

Partner Information

BLR has partnered with a Nonprofit Organization, People to People, that operates in Ethiopia and has headquarters in North America and Europe. People to People has been in service for the last several years serving the people of Ethiopia.

As a grassroots organization, BLR stands better chance of becoming stronger and striving organization through the partnership.

It is our commitment and desire to establish partnership with individuals and organizations, and faith based organization that are in business of becoming hope for the hopeless and have passion to show love in action and make life and living better for the needy. We are committed to bring respect and dignity back to Ethiopia's jewels, its elderly; Reaching one elderly at a time.

For more information about our programs, please contact us.

BLR, Inc.
2323  S. Troy Street Building 4 Suite 205
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: 720-275-0349
E-mail: [email protected]


Serving Ethiopia's Elderly: Helping One Elder at a time!
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